Our 15th Implant Surgery - a Huge Milestone for Jacob's Ride!

This past month was a huge milestone for Jacob’s Ride. 15 cochlear implant surgeries is a huge accomplishment!

Not only is raising the money an accomplishment, but the level of involvement of Jacob’s Ride is extremely different. This is the first time that we have actually negotiated the financial arrangements with the surgeon and the hospital.

For five years, we have partnered with the Gift of Hearing Foundation who handled this aspect, while we at Jacob’s Ride focused on raising money and riding a bicycle. When their President retired, their Board decided to close the foundation. We are committed to continue the mission.

My life has changed a lot since I got on a bike six years ago. I still ride to commute, but have basically stopped riding recreationally. I am engaged to be married and have different, less time-consuming hobbies. I can now hear with both ears. I could not have imagined this six years ago, yet I could not be happier with where I am today.

The same feelings are for Jacob’s Ride. From the excitement and lofty aspiration of raising $1 million in 2013, to a 2-3 year period of riding across the country again yet being unsure about what the future would hold -  I am thrilled with the role we currently fill.

During the first several years, because of the federal HIPPA regulations, we never were privy to patient information - usually not even names. Now we are directly involved in restoring hope and hearing to individuals with whom we have direct contact. It is very gratifying.

Since 2013, we have financed an average of three surgeries per year. In our new role, and our new application package, we actually have five candidates who have completed the medical testing and have completed the applications. Our goal is to increase the number of surgeries to five per year. In order to accomplish this, we need continued support and donations. Please consider giving one of the most precious gifts of all - the gift of hearing, by donating today.