cochlear Costs

The cost of a cochlear implant ranges from $75,000 to $125,000. Candidates must first go through a detailed evaluation phase to determine if they will benefit from a CI. Once qualified, there are the actual surgical and hospital costs. There is an intensive post-operative therapy phase, as the recipient learns how to interpret the signals from the CI as sound. Afterward, there are periodic maintenance costs.

Although cochlear implants are covered by a number of insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid, out-of-pocket costs vary widely. Increasingly, insurance companies are placing CI exclusions in their policies.



Johns Hopkins Listening Center

Gradually growing deaf by age 10, Jacob received a cochlear implant from the Johns Hopkins Listening Center, allowing him to be fully functional in the hearing world. Providing a comprehensive approach to cochlear implantation, it is one of the largest cochlear implant programs across the nation. Their goal is to bring meaningful sound to the lives of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing through a partnership of medicine, research, technology, rehabilitation and advocacy.

For more details on cochlear implants, you can also visit Advanced Bionics, a major sponsor of Jacob's Ride.