Eligibility determination

In an effort to do the most good with limited funds, Jacob’s Ride for Hearing can only assist candidates that meet the following criteria below. To request an application, click here.

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Applications will be considered only if the candidate is a permanent, legal resident of the United States. In the case of applicants who are under 18 years of age at the time of their application, the applicant’s parents/legal guardians must show proof of permanent, legal US residence as well.


Applicants must be evaluated and determined to be a candidate for a cochlear implant (CI) prior to applying to this Assistance Program.


Applicants with medical insurance, but have been denied cochlear implant coverage must open a case with a Cochlear Implant Insurance Advocate with any of the CI manufacturers. The Insurance Advocate will work with you in an attempt to get the denial overturned. If unsuccessful, then viable, evaluated CI candidates are eligible for financial assistance consideration by JRFH.


Cl candidates without health insurance or whose health insurance excludes all aspects of the cochlear implant process, are eligible to apply.


Applicants must seek assistance from the program prior to obtaining their cochlear implant. Applications for reimbursement following the cochlear implant procedure will not be considered.


All applicants must provide all required attachments and documentation with their completed applications before being considered for this Assistance Program. Applicants will be contacted if documentation is missing and will be given a maximum of 6 months in which to submit all required materials. Failure to provide all documents within 6 months will results in the application being classified as inactive and discarded. If an applicant later wishes to be reinstated for consideration, all paperwork must be re-submitted under the guidelines in place at that time.


Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to appropriate therapy that promotes auditory skill development or their application for assistance will not be considered. A letter of support from the Applicant’s cochlear implant center verifying the applicant’s level of commitment must accompany the application.


Applications may be considered from applicants who already have a Cl if the applicant is attempting to replace a failed internal device no longer under the warranty or service contract.


Applications will not be accepted from recipients who are seeking assistance with replacing or upgrading their cochlear implant’s external equipment. Applicants with this need are encouraged to check with their insurance carriers for potential coverage or with their manufacturer.


Applications for a bilateral implant will not be accepted.