ESTAblished in 2013

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Jacob's Ride was established in 2013 to raise funds and public awareness about the benefits of cochlear implants for the deaf. Jacob Landis, a cochlear implant recipient, has dedicated himself to helping others receive the gift of hearing.

Jacob has ridden his bike over >15,000 miles and the resulting donations have financed over a dozen cochlear implants!

Jacob's Ride is dedicated to raising funds for deaf and severely hearing-impaired individuals who cannot afford a cochlear implant. On and off of a bicycle, Jacob's Ride generates tremendous support for and awareness of both the hearing loss and cochlear implant communities.

From special events to baseball games, each event is a fun melding of cochlear implant users, implant candidates, individuals with hearing loss, and hearing individuals. The media coverage generated by long-distance cycling serves to raise regional and nationwide awareness of the importance of cochlear implant access, and hearing loss issues in general. To that end, Jacob's Ride benefits all individuals with hearing loss.