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Jacob Landis, Founder

Jacob began the idea for Jacob’s Ride in 2012. In addition to being an avid cyclist, Jacob is a serious baseball fan.  Jacob combined his three passions - baseball, cycling, and helping the hearing impaired - by riding to all thirty U.S. Major League baseball stadiums to raise money for those who can benefit from cochlear implants but cannot afford it.  Jacob is an implant recipient himself. The difference the cochlear implant has made in his life has been immeasurable. Jacob wants to help others receive the gift of hearing.

Jacob has overseen the major transition of Jacob’s Ride for Hearing. Jacob’s Ride now participates in the cochlear implant applicant selection process and will handle the financial negotiations with the medical providers.

Jacob lives in Annapolis, MD with his girlfriend, Rebecca, and their dog, Libby.  While not riding as much as he used to, he still enjoys an incredibly active lifestyle.  He works full-time at Whole Foods Market as a buyer and speaks at many events explaining the miraculous cochlear implant technology and explaining Jacob’s Ride for Hearing’s role in this exciting industry.  

Randy Landis, Executive Director

Randy and Lois Landis live in Annapolis, MD and have been married since 1987. Together they  have three remarkable children--Jacob, Noah and Sarah.

Randy has over 40 successful years in business management and operations. His experience includes sales, banking, political campaign management, director of research & development and new venture analysis (for subsidiaries of two Fortune 500 companies), Executive Director of an Christian ministry as well an active volunteer in several community organizations.

The most important things to Randy are the relationship with his LORD,  being a loving husband and a nurturing father.

Currently, Randy handles the day-to-day scheduling of Jacob’s Ride for Hearing as a volunteer.


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